Machine learning, bio-modeling and medical image processing in prediction of metastases in lung cancer

Grant NCN: Opus UMO-2020/37/B/ST6/01959
Total budget [PLN]: 1 032 600
Start date: 01/02/2021; End date: 31/01/2024
Status: 10 month/s left

The main goal of the project is to develop original models and methods, which support analysis of clinical data and aim at better prediction of spread and colonization of tumor cells to distant organs with emphasis on the most common subtype of lung cancer non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC).  Since the metastatic tumor is mainly incurable due to its resistance to treatment, our research will be directed to answer the following urgent biological and clinical question: how, when, and where the primary tumor will spread to distant locations. The project will be also focused on reducing probability of metastasis and evolution of cancer in distant sites and emergence of evolving resistance to therapies. To verify applicability of these methods, all theoretical considerations will be related to clinical data, to which the proposed team has access.

Project manager

Andrzej Świerniak


Andrzej Świerniak, Damian Borys, Emilia Kozłowska , Jarosław Smieja, Krzysztof Psiuk-Maksymowicz, Krzysztof Fujarewicz