Ongoing projects
Development of methods for bias correction of gene expression measurementsProject manager: Roman Jaksik
Type: Grant NCN: Sonata (2016/23/D/ST7/03665)Duration: 2017-2020 (16 month/s left)
Efficient simulation algorithms for models of stochastic processes in computational biology and synthesis of the signaling pathways models.Project manager: Krzysztof Puszyński
Type: Grant NCN: Opus (UMO-2016/23/B/ST6/03455)Duration: 2017-2020 (16 month/s left)
System engineering approach to modeling, analysis and prediction of outcome of combined anticancer therapiesProject manager: Andrzej Świerniak
Type: Grant NCN: Opus (DEC-2016/21/B/ST7/02241)Duration: 2017-2020 (10 month/s left)
Molecular diagnostics and imaging in individualized therapy for breast, thyroid and prostate cancerProject manager: Krzysztof Fujarewicz
Type: Grant NCBIR (Strategmed2/267398/4/NCBR/2015)Duration: 2015-2019 (6 month/s left)
Modeling and experimental studies to understand the effects of irradiation on RNA interferenceProject manager: Marek Kimmel
Type: Grant NCN: Opus (UMO-2015/19/B/ST7/02984)Duration: 2016-2019 (3 month/s left)
The influence of cellular stress on miRNA biogenesisProject manager: Izabella Ślęzak-Prochazka
Type: Grant NCN: Sonata (2015/19/D/NZ1/03443)Duration: 2016-2019 (3 month/s left)
Completed projects
Modeling and Simulation of Drug - Target Residence TimeProject manager: Marcin Pacholczyk
Type: Other Duration: 2017-2018 (completed)
Systems biology of responses of human cells to stress. Generation of heterogeneity, paracrine regulation and evolutionary analysis.Project manager: Marek Kimmel
Type: Grant NCN: Maestro (DEC-2012/04/A/ST7/00353)Duration: 2012-2017 (completed)
Sensitivity methods in analysis of biological systemsProject manager: Jaroslaw Smieja
Type: Grant NCN (DEC-2013/11/B/ST7/01713)Duration: 2014-2017 (completed)
Platform for remote testing and analyzing of biomedical dataProject manager: Andrzej Świerniak
Type: Other (PBS3/B3/32/2015)Duration: 2015-2017 (completed)
Control of the intracellular processesProject manager: Krzysztof Puszyński
Type: Grant NCN: Sonata (DEC-2012/05/D/ST7/02072)Duration: 2013-2016 (completed)
Mathematical and computational models of cell cycle regulation and spatial paracrine regulation in biological cells, importance of stochastic effectsProject manager: Krzysztof Fujarewicz
Type: Grant NCN: Opus (DEC-2012/05/B/ST6/03472)Duration: 2013-2016 (completed)
Bioinformatics and biophysical models of NF-kappaB binding sites in DNA: genomewide prediction of binding sites, experimental confirmation and co-evolution with the NF-kappaB familyProject manager: Marek Kimmel
Type: Grant NCN: Opus (DEC-2012/05/B/NZ2/01618)Duration: 2013-2016 (completed)
Integrated informatics system for the support of cancer research of environmental originProject manager: Jarosław Smieja
Type: Grant NCBIR (POIG.02.03.01-00-040/13)Duration: 2014-2015 (completed)
Parallel algorithms for creation and simulation three-dimensional vascular network Project manager: Krzysztof Psiuk-Maksymowicz
Type: Grant NCN: Opus (UMO-2011/03/B/ST6/04384)Duration: 2012-2015 (completed)
Advanced tools for the prediction and evaluation of the glycosylation pattern in cellsProject manager: Artur Bal
Type: Grant NCN (N N518 283640)Duration: 2011-2014 (completed)
Computational methods for modeling and control of processes as a tool for planning cancer therapy protocols.Project manager: Andrzej Swierniak
Type: Grant NCN (N N519 647840)Duration: 2011-2014 (completed)
Biological and simulation analysis of the ATM signaling pathway as an activator of the p53 and NF-kB modules.Project manager: Krzysztof Puszynski
Type: Grant NCN (N N518 287540)Duration: 2011-2014 (completed)
Analysis of gene regulation processes in cells exposed to ionizing radiationProject manager: Roman Jaksik
Type: Grant NCN: Preludium (DEC-2011/01/N/NZ2/05358)Duration: 2011-2013 (completed)
Analysis of protein mass profiles obtained by MALDI-ToF spectrometry to discover signatures of cancer Project manager: Michał Marczyk
Type: Grant NCN: Preludium (DEC-2011/01/N/NZ2/04)Duration: 2011-2013 (completed)
Mechanisms of cellular responses to ionizing and ultraviolet radiationProject manager: Joanna Rzeszowska-Wolny
Type: Grant NCN (N N518 497639)Duration: 2010-2013 (completed)
Interaction of cellular regulatory pathways: modeling of random- and spatial-effects, oscillations and adaptation, and identification of models based on experimental dataProject manager: Marek Kimmel
Type: Grant NCN (N N514 411936)Duration: 2009-2012 (completed)